We Work Together as a Team

Every custom patch we make comes with a 100% quality guarantee and our exceptional customer service. Each patch order we do involves a team effort. We make up half of the team; you make up the other half. We rely on you to supply the details we require in order to provide the fixes you want. We all have unique duties, just like any team. We have outlined these duties below for your convenience. Please consider these terms and conditions of our sales for a minute.


delivering truthful information. Before we begin manufacturing, we will provide you a digital version of your patch design for your approval. Before committing to manufacturing of your patches, you may make any necessary modifications or edits using this proof, which is a graphic artist’s rendering of the finished result.

ordering confirmation. We will give you an order confirmation notice with all the details of your purchase, including type, size, number, colours, price, and delivery date, before we start producing your patches.

delivering your custom patches on schedule and in good condition. Within ten days after receiving your approval for the digital proof and purchase confirmation, we will produce your embroidered patches. Your order will be delivered straight to the address you provide. Note that the transaction is finalised and your patches are being produced once you have confirmed the order confirmation and sent it back to us. Therefore, at that time, your order cannot be cancelled.

addressing your requirements! When it comes to custom embroidered patches, we want this to be the finest experience you’ve ever had! Please feel free to voice any worries, helpful comments, or compliments. Please contact us via email at sales@irononpatches.us.


All logos, trademarks, and copyrights are owned legally. You guarantee that you have the legal authority to reproduce, or have reproduced, any logos or images linked with your purchase when you submit your design(s) to irononpatches.us. You further attest that no one else’s rights were infringed in any manner during the development of any photographs you upload.

Paying close attention to the proof provided. When we send you the digital proof of your patch design, take the time to review it in detail. Please pay special attention to the design, the spelling and grammar, and the colors. Once you have made any necessary changes, email the proof back to us. This is your signal to us that you approve the design as it appears on the revised proof.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to make the final color and thread material check.

I’m looking through your order confirmation. Once you have sent us your proof, we will give you an order confirmation. Please carefully read the information one more. Send us the order confirmation through email if all the information is accurate, and we’ll go to work creating your unique embroidered patches. You are purchasing a customised item. The order cannot be cancelled for any reason after you’ve accepted and confirmed it.

the accurate shipping address being provided. Within 10 days, Irononpatches.us will make and deliver your order. We are not liable for delivery delays brought on by incorrect shipping addresses, USA Customs processes, misrouting of your goods, or undeliverable shipping addresses.

International Shipping

We do ship international orders; however, these orders will be subject to applicable shipping charges based on both order quantity and location. International customers are solely responsible for any customs and duty fees for orders delivered outside the United States.

All orders are final. Because we manufacture a custom product for you, all sales are final. Once your order has been placed, following the procedures listed above, it may not be canceled for any reason. Irononpatches.us does not issue refunds. However, we will gladly replace any embroidered patch containing defects in either materials or workmanship.

Thank You! We look forward to working with you!

The Iron On Patches Team