How to Make Chenille Patches In 2024

How to Make Chenille Patches In 2024

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The chenille patch style is one of the most classic and familiar ones we have. Learn how to make your own chenille patches here!

We need to answer the important question first before we go any further. What are patches of chenille?

We understand. Many of our other unique patches, like embroidered, woven, and printed patches, are used more often than this type of patch. But chenille patches are something you’ve seen before, even if you don’t remember the name.

Chenille patches wholesale make you think of old times. On letterman coats, you can see them as the fluffy, bright patches. These patches look old and give your clothes and merchandise a classic, all-American feel. To put it simply, chenille patches use a vaulted yarn weave to make 3D patterns that are raised and have a fluffy feel. Chenille patches are great for everyone, but sports teams and fashion and clothing brands love them the most.

How to Put Together Chenille Patches

It can’t be avoided… You’re going to have to get help with this. Do not begin making them as soon as you search for “how to make custom chenille patches” on Google. Trust us, you don’t want to make your own chenille patches. It’s hard to make custom patches in any style, but chenille is especially hard if you don’t have skilled tools. It’s likely that if you try to do it yourself, your patches will come out badly or not at all.

The good news is that you can still use The/Studio to make your own unique chenille patches without having to do all the hard work yourself. We’ll make the change based on what you want. It’s great in every way.

Here’s how we make unique chenille patches, just in case you’re interested: We use a machine that is made just for making chenille patches and weave yarn through the patches. The small pieces of yarn are put between the two main pieces of yarn. The machine then twists all of the yarn together, making it look soft and fuzzy.

You now know how to make chenille patches… You could make your own.

Let’s make some chenille patches that are just right for you! You use DOZENS of different design choices to come up with the idea. You can change more than just the pattern; you can also change the backing, borders, edges, and even the embroidered details! Get in touch with one of our Creative Specialists or use our simple Create Tool to begin on your own.

When you work with IronOnPatches to make unique chenille patches, you get more than just patches that are made just for you.

Shipping for free

Competitive prices (constant sales and deals)
There are unique ways to make your Chenille patches stand out.
An in-house design team that can help you make a pattern that will work with any chenille patch
A knowledgeable group

Quick turn-around

To see what ideas you can come up with for your chenille patch, go to the Create Tool (click the link below). You don’t have to be sure of what you want the patch to look like or even if you want to make one at all. Use your ideas freely! You might change your mind about the style of your handmade patch, or you might find that chenille is just right for you. We can’t wait to see your unique chenille patches come to life, no matter what!

Make your own chenille patches right now.