How To Iron On A Custom Patches

How To Iron On A Custom Patches

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Congratulations! Your custom patch has arrived and you’re eager to wear it!

The only issue is that you might not know how to attach a customized patch to your clothes.

We’ve put together an easy guide for ironing your recently-arrived customized patch to your clothes. Your custom-made garment is ready to wear within a matter of minutes!

Iron-On Patch Instructions

1. Your clothes should be clean, dry and wrinkle-free.
2. Set the iron to the proper temperature.
3. Iron the spot before applying your patch.
4. Pat the patch with a towel and iron for 90 minutes.
5. Confirm that the patch has been applied correctly.
6. Turn the clothing upside down.
7. Let the clothing stay cool.
8. Now it’s time for you to go.

What You’ll Need

• Your iron on patches
• Washcloth or tea towel?
• Iron
• Ironing board

How to Iron on a Custom Patches (Step-by-step Instruction)

Once you have everything ready, you can use our instructions to iron your personalized patch onto clothing.

1. Clothing must be washed, dried and wrinkle-free.

Take care beforehand that your clothes are ready to receive the application. To let the patch, adhere properly, have clothes dry and wrinkle free. Then, place the piece on the ironing board.

2. Set the iron to suitable settings.

Set the iron to proper temperatures for fabric you’re using. Fleece, for instance must be washed in low heat while cotton or polyester can stand medium or even high temperature washes. But if you’re working on heavier materials such as denim or canvas, turn up the heat all the way. Special settings for specific fabrics If your iron has special controls, choose the one that matches the fabric you’re wearing.

3. Before applying the custom patch, iron the area.

Secondly, iron the part of the garment where you intend to use your patch. This process will allow the adhesive backing to be activated, so that it melts into and bonds with the material.

4. Wrap garment in towel and press.

Now you are ready to place the embroidery into position. Once it is in position, place a little cloth or tea towel over the area.
Iron the cloth with pressure, moving it in a circular motion for at least 90 minutes. It is particularly important to iron the corners and edges of the patch so that it fits snugly.

5. Patch it on correct?

Inspect whether or not the patch sticks on itself by pulling it. Otherwise, it must be re-applied with a fresh patch. Otherwise go to the next step.

6. Reverse the Material Inside Out

If the patch has stuck, then turn garment to inside. Lay the towel or washcloth over the patch. Then lightly press the iron against it in a circular motion for about 30 minutes.

7. Let the Clothing Cool

Remove cloth or washcloth, and ensure that patch is in place. Test the movement of the patch If it is not tight enough to withstand body movements, keep ironing at an appropriate temperature until they are firmly attached. After the patch is in place let it settle.

8. Enjoy!

Let the clothes be made to order and get ready for compliments.